Affordable Home Inspection Services for Pearland & Sugar Land, TX

At A-Inspections, we strive to offer high-quality inspection services at affordable rates. We can inspect homes, condos, townhomes and apartments of all sizes in the greater Pearland and Sugar Land, TX areas.

Our priority for you as our customers is for you to feel safe in your new home from the second you walk in. Our team is skilled at a variety of different home inspection services. Whether you're looking for a termite inspection service or a new home warranty inspection, we can help!

Ask About Our New Home Warranty & Termite Inspection Services Today!

Not only do we provide a comprehensive array of inspection services, but we make sure to make those services affordable to you as the homeowner. When you are purchasing a new home, we offer new home warranty inspections. When you think your home might have a pest problem, we have the termite inspection services for you. Give us a call today for affordable home inspection services and more!

Up to 1700 sq ft: $290

1701--2000 sq ft: $295-315

2001--2500 sq ft: $320-340

2501--2700 sq ft: $340--355

2701--3000 sq ft: $350--375

3001--3100 sq ft: $365--390

3101--3300 sq ft: $375--400

3301--3500 sq ft: $395--425

3501--3700 sq ft: $415--440

3701--4000 sq ft: $435--455

4001--4500 sq ft: $450--485

4501--5000 sq ft: $475--525

Condo's/Townhomes: $200-$275

Stucco Clad Homes: additional fees starting at $85-150

Termite Inspections-start at 64.95.. discount w/ home inspection

Homes older than 25 years: additional $25 fee

Crawlspaces: additional $125 fee

If you need your home inspected, contact us today and we’ll provide you with a quote!

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